Shinji Yasutake

Shinji Yasutake

Tokyo  ·  I am living with Web design, HTML,CSS coding. Recently, studying, such as Jquery and Wordpress. I'm saving money because there is no... My preference of music i
Shinji Yasutake
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生頼範義 / 光栄 / 蒼き狼と白き牝鹿 / Noriyoshi Ohrai / Noriyoshi Orai / KOEI / Aoki Okami and Shiroki Mejika (Blue Wolves and White Does / Genghis Khan)

Jun Suemi / 末弥 純 - Part Althought it was originally created in North America, the Wizardry series became very famous in Japan in the late and Jun Suemi’s name is often attached to the.

ダッジ・チャージャー スリー コンセプト 1968  (Dodge charger III concept 1968) ...

1968 Dodge Charger III The Charger III was the most aerodynamic car built by Chrysler Corporation. The experimental car is long, low-slung, and sleek. The Charger III is built upon the ideas learned in the development of it predecessor, the Charger II.

Alfa Romeo Iguana The Alfa Romeo Iguana concept car debuted at the 1969 Turin Motor Show. It was designed by Giugiaro, of Ital Design. The car was a fully working design study. It featured a 230 bhp 1995cc, mid-mounted V-8, from the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2.

Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept photos - Free pictures of Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept for your desktop. HD wallpaper for backgrounds Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept photos, car tuning Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept and concept car Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept wallpapers.

1970 Bertone Lancia Stratos Zero Concept

Bertone’s legendary concept cars aren’t typically offered up for sale, but several legendary show cars from the design house’s former museum will soon be up for auction.