Shio Koji Karaage Bento 塩麴唐揚げ弁当 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Shio Koji Karaage Bento

Japanese Salmon Bento Lunch

Hoy Bento!!. 1. Salmón Bento

Japanese-style Picnic Bento Lunch|弁当

あ~るママさんのブログ「あ~るママオフィシャルブログ「毎日がお弁当日和♪」Powered by Ameba」です。最新記事は「ご報告★お引っ越しします。」です。

Japanese Lunch Box, how cool is that?

弁当 Bento

R journal: How to pack the food into the bento box.

R journal: How to pack the food into the bento box.

christmas bento

クリスマスグランプリ2013に参加中 - 12 19 弁当男子 クリスマス弁当

Japanese Bento Box Lunch お弁当

昨日の祝日はオリンピック観戦を家族で楽しみました(^-^)スノーボードのハーフパイプ! すごかったわよね~。メダルにも手が届くなんて、おばちゃん感激しました!…

Japanese lunch box

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on my bento photos! I’ve decided to lay down ground rules as follows. I will try to: 1) upload all bento photos to my blog, regardless of their quality as bentos/photos. 2) upload one bento photo to flickr in a week as “bento of this week,” 3) and write captions to “bento of this week”, including brief English explanation of traditional japanese food (as much as possible. no recipes, sorry). 4) you can influence the choice of…


今日はパパのお弁当です。久しぶりの炊き込みご飯♪お家にあるものでちゃちゃーっとね^^ Recipe ・エリンギと鶏肉の炊き込みご飯 …