'Sunset' necklace by Ahlene Welsh. Sterling silver, 14k gold, cat's eye.

Really pretty "Sunset" necklace by Ahlene Welsh - sterling silver, 14 k gold, cat's-eye


Obidome is a decorative brooch, worn on kimono. All pieces are from obidome.


Japanese Sweets, Beautiful Fish, Traditional Japanese, Japanese Fabric, Japanese Art, Kimono Japan, Phish, Mochi, Edible Art

Mariko Kusumoto Brooches Silk, polyester, thread, silver

Platform for the communication of the international art jewellery. Translucent Explorations by Mariko Kusumoto

Obidome for Kimono from Ikeda Collection

thekimonogallery: “Obidome, Ornament worn over an obi, from IKEDA Shigeko Collection, Japan ”

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