The Silhouette Brochure by Tony Huynh

Like the idea of the color pop. The Silhouette Brochure by Tony Huynh the one color with the black and white is such a simplistic and yet genius idea. This is so perfect for a sports page, but not sure if it will fit in with this year's theme.

URBAN RESEARCH 2011 Spring Men’s

URBAN RESEARCH 2011 Spring Men’s/ Okee, I m gonna make this for Fofo's bday gift. I like how the outfits have been laid out next to each other- marqueed and all instead of just putting the whole image in a whole page

Rendez-vous des créateurs 2012

"Rendez-vous des Créateurs" invitation 2012 Reverse book, the hard cover is inside the book and the middle page is outside.

[新商品情報] キャンディー ピスタチオ|スターバックス コーヒー ジャパン

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