I love the fourth car down! I feel that its very important that a car be in the logo, because the name does not necessarily describe what we do.

劇団モリオカ市民「あの年の盛岡1896」フライヤー・チケット・パンフレット | homesickdesign

劇団モリオカ市民「あの年の盛岡1896」フライヤー・チケット・パンフレット | homesickdesign

鮭魚 / The French creative studio HEREZIE was commissioned to develop a new series of visuals for a Japanese knife company called "Miyabi" to be used for their campaign “Long Lasting Sharpness”.

The Long Lasting Sharpness campaign created by Paris, France based studio Herezie for Miyabi Knives. French creative studio Herezie was commissioned to dev