Back alley in Kyoto, Japan

Even their Back alley in Kyoto, Japan are clean. So many could learn from this example of a people and country. CANADA TIME TO WAKE UP

明治に衆議院議員となり、足尾銅山鉱毒事件を告発した、田中正造と従者と思われる。「真の文明は 山を荒らさず 川を荒らさず 村を破らず 人を殺さざるべし」

Samurai, with traveling tansu

m-a-h-o-u-y-a: cunecunecune: toeianimation: Tokyo neon lights, Jun Miki, LIFE, 1963.(via viktu)

m-a-h-o-u-y-a: cunecunecune: toeianimation: Tokyo neon lights, Jun Miki, LIFE, viktu)

激動の大正時代に制作された大正ロマン溢れるポスター25枚 - DNA

Title: Osaka Shosen Kaisha = Osaka Mercantile Steamship Co. [Woman in red kimono] Description: Osaka Mercantile Steamship Co. A woman in red kimono holding a fan. Marked with the company’s.


kimiho, maiko of miyagawa-cho

Gion, Kyoto

Gion by *LunaFeles Kyoto,日本

OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN: 静岡県泉からの眺め 1890年代の富士山

MeijiShowa: - Mount Fuji, Fuji - Vintage Images of Japan

Window at the Kennin-ji Temple

Window at the Kennin-ji Temple

ninetail-fox: “ an alley ,Kyoto ”

ninetail-fox: “ an alley ,Kyoto ”

hitomi : Now and Here


hitomi : Now and Here


Koinobori Streamers and Typical Rural Houses near Nara, Japan (May Typical rural houses near Nara. It is late April or early May as can be seen from the Koinobori streamers fluttering in the wind in celebration of Boy’s Day on May 5

GoBoiano - 35 Iconic Sights You Can Only See in Kyoto

The gold of Kinkakuji stands out beautifully against the snow and winter sky! Winter at Kinkakuji in Kyoto


13 Gorgeous Travel Posters From Japan - Chuba, Futamata (Nagoya Rail Agency,

The maiko Fukunae performing.(Taken by jennifer and click here for the indivdual source)

Just Me — oiran-geisha: The maiko Fukunae performing.


Japan Vintage Travel Poster created by vintagestore.

Kamo River Kyoto JAPAN(1880s) 京都鴨川(1880年代)

Kamo River in Sanjo, Kyoto. A beautiful view of restaurants and inns…