“She sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully' Wow, I've never seen a dog do this!" -- One more reason why I love Golden Retrievers so much :)

This is why my kids will have a dog. Everyone needs a best friend for life. And learning to love a dog, teaches love for many other things. There is nothing greater, than the love of a dog.

Munchkin Kitten

Such an adorable kitty Is this breed a naturally occurring breed or something that bred for by man? I wonder how many spinal issues the breed has.so sad how humans have to change animals and create breeds to suite their own taste.


Group hug!

Funny pictures about Group hug! Oh, and cool pics about Group hug! Also, Group hug!

Cats at Christmas

Cats Source Christmas cat Source Christmas Kitty Source Snowman feeder Source Their first Christmas Sourc.

A solo in a duet. #cat

White cats turn to sing his part of favourite pop tune 'It don't matter if your BLACK or WHITE ⭐️

lolll,<3 <3 <3

** SHIRO: " Me wuz gonna climb de ladder of success, but by de step hadz a nap attack. Wills haz to try again sometime;

猫 / Cat

Shouldn't you be making dinner? I had an all black cat just like this one

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体膨らませたフグにイルカが… | Narinari.com