6 Retro Neon Styles for Illustrator. Download here: https://graphicriver.net/item/6-retro-neon-styles/17313857?ref=ksioks

6 Retro Neon Styles

6 Retro Neon Styles for Illustrator

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Don't kill my vibe .

Japan もっと見る

masashi wakui explores the labyrinth of tokyo's luminous landscape by night, documenting the urban sprawl in a serie of moody cinematic scenes.

昭和モダンのブックデザイン - Google Search

昭和モダンのブックデザイン - Google Search

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Alligator Neon Sculpture

JMC Equipment is an authorized distributor for Neonetics Neon Products. Check out the Neonetics Alligator Neon Sculpture, one of the best Neon Light Products that Neomatic carries.

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A cool retro pattern // Victor Fox Design/Illustration NO WORDS!

m-a-h-o-u-y-a: cunecunecune: toeianimation: Tokyo neon lights, Jun Miki, LIFE, 1963.(via viktu)

m-a-h-o-u-y-a: cunecunecune: toeianimation: Tokyo neon lights, Jun Miki, LIFE, viktu)

昭和レトロ③ - 「明日という字は、明るい日とかくのね・・・」|yaplog!(ヤプログ!)byGMO

昭和レトロ③ - 「明日という字は、明るい日とかくのね・・・」|yaplog!(ヤプログ!)byGMO

昭和レトロ② :: 「明日という字は、明るい日とかくのね・・・」|yaplog!(ヤプログ!)byGMO

昭和レトロ② :: 「明日という字は、明るい日とかくのね・・・」|yaplog!(ヤプログ!)byGMO

tumblr から もっと見る

Flexible Neon Wire (Electroluminescent wire,cool Lighting,EL wire, glow stick rope) made in KPT company

not dadaistic

Cause those disco girls where hot as honey

田中一光 デザインの世界 ~創意の軌跡~ | イベントスクランブル

The primary colors and organic shape is playful yet elegant.


Joy Division live in Amsterdam 1980 - concert poster


ad That's just how I roll, ya'know jazz hands dancing in a polka dot dress acting like OH you found me when I ever so discreetly hiding in a background that matches my dress.