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I like the red brick paving which I suspect was already there when they decided to create this roof terrace.  It provides everything you would need to give you the feeling of being in a garden rather than on the roof of the building.

Rooftop Oasis This garden, 19 stories above a New York City street, would also be at home on a suburban deck or patio. It has: formal, architectural elements (a pair of juniper 'Skyrocket'), fine-textured shrubs (hakuro nishiki willow & variegated redtwi

(33) Tumblr - Masuleh  İran

Masuleh, Iran Masuleh is a breathtakingly beautiful village located in the Talesh mountains. The interesting about Masuleh are the streets. The village is so steep, they had to make the streets on top of the flat roofs of the houses below.