This makes me want to go back to my art school roots and play with simple pen and ink, line art, sketching.

book cover

how i killed pluto and why it had it coming - mike brown - book cover.use stars and constellations


B is for Busy Cats? Illustration by Toshiyuki Fukuda cat reading / inspiration illustration pour affiche troc livres and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

get visual: The Landscape of Memory: Prints by Frank C. Eckmair at NYSM

Coyote Atelier printmaking inspiration: The Landscape of Memory, Print by Frank C. Eckmair at NYSM

Minimalist movie posters

Viktor Hertz is a Swedish designer who made these pictogram movie posters. He's taken an idea from the film and made minimalistic pictogram movie posters out of