Amnesty International poster - 横尾忠則 (Tadanori Yokoo)

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書を捨てよ、町へ出よう- 横尾忠則 (Tadanori Yokoo)

Tadanori Yokoo, book cover for “Throw Away Your Books, Rally in The Street” by Shuji Terayama, Japan. Via collectorsweekly

続ジョン・シルバー - 横尾忠則 (Zoku John Silver - Tadanori Yokoo)

Tadanori Yokoo poster illustration vintage retro poster art graphic design john silver - second view

土方巽と日本人 肉体の叛乱 - 横尾忠則 (Hijikata Tatsumi and the Japanese - Tadanori Yokoo)

The legendary works of graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo have proved to be an inspiration for decades. With a current trend towards pop art, Yokoo's posters of

都市とデザイン - 横尾忠則 (The City and Design - Tadanori Yokoo)

Tadanori Yokoo (横尾忠則, Yoko-o Tadanori) (born 27 June in Hyogo Prefecture) is a Japanese graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker and painter.