semi skimmed... Love product designers and their vision to upgrade stuff... Always hated how cumbersome it was to pour from milk cartons etc...

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Cristian Boian

Wall Forms by Cristian Boian

'Wall Forms' by Romanian artist Cristian Boian.'Wall Forms' by Romanian artist Cristian Boian. this piece rally makes you think, I honestly still don't really get it. but it does get your attention. I was drawn in by the contrast also.

from kalmin(フロム カルミン):女友達褒められアイテム♪席札・プチギフトの1つで2役! 【福花(ふっか)】

Personalized sake cup wrapped with guest name (textured/patterned paper similar to the one used in the Save the Date). The flower and leaf is beautiful (perhaps similar but a more economic option?