Photography by Marc Riboud - Japan, 1958. S)




Not sure which is worse — being the pusher or pushee? | Insane Photos Of Tokyo Commuters In The '60s And '70s

Commuting has become more civilized than this, right? This picture is obviously vintage but this pushing practice still happens at the most busy train platforms in Tokyo. The subway at rush hour is no place for pregnant women, older people or children.

Tokyo in1958. Photo from Yukichi Watabe's book "A Criminal Investigation".

From the book "A Criminal Investigation" by Watabe Yukichi, Tokyo, 1958

Marc Riboud, Hirohito

=\\= Emperor Hirohito, Tokyo Olympics, 1958 by Marc Riboud

Marc Riboud // Japan, 1958

Advertisement for lingerie in the department store Matsuzakaya in Ginza, Tokyo, 1958

Marc Riboud (French, b. Photography Fair 150 Kilometers from Tokyo Japan, 1958 Photograph 40 x 50 cm.