ひとし 大槻

ひとし 大槻

ひとし 大槻
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Japanese Samurai helmet, Kabuto 兜

Japanese samurai helmet, Kabuto 兜 Glad to know I'm not the only one wishing for antlers.

Sergio Toppi, meninos

Sergio Toppi is nowhere near as well known as he should be. You probably learn more about positive/negative space and positioning in by looking at his works than almost anyone I can think of

A shōgun (将軍) literally, "military commander" was often one of the hereditary military governors of Japan from 1192 to 1867. In this period, the shōguns, or their shikken regents (1203–1333), were the de facto rulers of Japan though they were nominally appointed by the emperor. The modern rank of shōgun is equivalent to a generalissimo. Although the original meaning of "shogun" is simply a "general".

A scene from "The Last Samurai". What a warrior would have looked like. Intimidating on a horse! I can't imagine the fear common people would have had if they had done anything to anger a Samurai.