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Katsura Kotaro -Zura is awesome, not as awesome, and amazing as Gin-chan though…

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Gintama/ Okikagu

I wish they did this in the "switched body arc''


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Gin, Naruto, Cinnamon, Peace, Canela, Jeans, Room, Jin

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Gintoki hú yah

Gintama ~~ Only three shades of "gray" needed here.


bishie-chan: “ log │ MIKI努力画 (Pixiv Id Characters: Gintoki & Kotarou Anime: Gintama ※ Authorized reprint ”

Hijikata *3*

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Gintama. Takasugi

bad id black hair butterfly eyepatch gintama japanese clothes kiseru male mg pipe sandals solo sword takasugi shinsuke weapon