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a magazine cover with many pictures on it
IDEA No.165 Published: 1981/3 Cover Design: Deborah Sussman
an advertisement for the cultural exchange in mawah - eb, with arabic writing
Yukiko – Mawaheb Music Festival
Mawaheb (Arabic for “talents”) is a series of multi-genre events that took place at various venues in St. Petersburg. The two day festival mixed the traditional and the contemporary, showcasing folk and club culture from the Middle Eastern and North African regions.
the back side of a yellow and red poster with words in different languages on it
ムジャラ|フライヤー #graphic #design #グラフィックデザイン #デザイン #大阪 #ムジャラ #スパイスカレー #京都 #mujara
an old advertisement for the great goddess, featuring a woman holding up her arms and fist
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