by Jyakuchu Ito, Japan

老松白鶏図 Loushou-Hakkei-zu (White Phoenix on Old Pine from the Colourful Realm of Living Beings) by 伊藤若冲 (Ito Jakuchu),

千葉市美術館で「伊藤若冲―アナザーワールド―」展を観た! の画像|とんとん・にっき

千葉市美術館で「伊藤若冲―アナザーワールド―」展を観た! の画像|とんとん・にっき


伊藤若沖 “You are like an ocean: quietly ebbing and flowing to the rhythm of life, but wildly expansive and profoundly powerful. You are boundless. Your quietness is your strength. Your depth is your advantage.

伊藤若冲 紅葉小禽図 1765年~1766年頃

伊藤若冲 Ito Jakuchu/ 30 紅葉小禽図 Koyo Shikin-zu(Maple Tree and Small Birds)