Russian Dress

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna dressed in a XVII century Russian costume for the Romanov Imperial Costume Ball, April 1903

Raimund von Stillfried–Ratenicz, Dívka (před rokem 1875)

Als der Maru-Obi in Japan noch gebräuchlicher war / When maru-obi was more commonly used in Japan [Raimund von Stillfried–Ratenicz, Dívka (před rokem

Kyoto Maiko 1880s.

Photograph number in the catalogue of over images by the Kusakabe Kimbei Studio of Yokohama, entitled “Kioto Dancing Girl”. This hand-coloured albumen photograph shows a maiko (apprentice geisha) from Kyoto dressed in an elaborate dove motif kimono.

Painted photograph of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh (1891-1938) of Patiala, c.1900

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of From "Posing For Posterity: Royal Indian Portraits" by Pramod Kumar.


Geisha refreshing flowers in preparation for ikebana. They are used for refreshing ikebana - they emit a very delicate spray and therefore don't disrupt the flowers.