LE KLINT 1 Deluxe. Design: Tage Klint.

LE KLINT lampy plisowane 1 Deluxe

Here you will find the wide range of the world famous original hand-folded Le Klint lampshades and lamps and accessories produced at the factory in Denmark.

LE KLINT 1. Design: Tage Klint

LE KLINT 1 wiszące lampy plisowane

LE KLINT Model 195 Donut. Designed by Lisa Navne (2007)

LE KLINT niezwykłe lampy

LE KLINT Model 195 Donut. Designed by Lisa Navne (2007)

LE KLINT 172. Design: Poul Christiansen

LE KLINT lampa wisząca 172

Le Klint 172 is one of the classic Danish lighting designs, often copied, never bettered. This hand-folded sculptural pendant shade was designed by architect Poul Christiansen in 1971 and has been in production by the Danish company Le Klint ever since.

LE KLINT 172, Design: Poul Christiansen

Synergia. Czas na wnętrza

This 1969 design by Poul Christiansen is the most popular of all Le Klint designs, and a best seller at Skandium. Tage Klint, son of P. Jensen Klint, was the creative entrepreneur who in 1943 chose to turn the family's artistically folded lamp shades

LE KLINT 122. Design: Nils Grunnet-Jensen

LE KLINT lampa wisząca 122

Le Klint design wall, floor, sax and table lamps and lamp shades for sale. Buy your lighting at Danish Porcelain House.

LE KLINT Snowdrop Aqua. Design: trio – Harrit-Soerensen+Sampson

LE KLINT lampa Snowdrop Aqua