Japanese traditional clothing explained in detail

In Love With Traditional Japanese Clothing? You're Not Alone

Japanese traditional clothing explained in detail! For both girls and boys.:) I want to buy a full kimono outfit. Have to go to Japan first, I think because they're too expensive and rare in America.

Wedding Kimono

Cherry colorful painted on bright blue background luxury Iro-daKake that Temari is embroidered adorned with even more gorgeous bride // dulu pengen banget nikah pake kimono, tapi gak mungkin juga😂



15 Unbelievable Places we resist really exist - Bamboo Forest, Japan

Green bamboo on the left, green bamboo on the right, green bamboo everywhere, lots of it. Green dream called Sagano bamboo forest (located near Kyoto, Japan)

Kimono Hairstyles

Kimono Tutorial - Hairstyles Special by Hanami-Mai.- Differences between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese hairstyle

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