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Orange & Yellow Hair Color

Harajuku girls in resale fashion with gingham dress, camisole over sweater, turtleneck top and Pompompurin plush accessories.

The Best Street Style Pics From Fashion Week Tokyo

From pastel extensions and platform shoes to satin souvenir jackets and mall goth black, see all the Fashion Week Tokyo street style trends in our exclusive slideshow.

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【予約商品:7/10(土)発売予定】コズミックリトルツインスターズTシャツ/リトルツインスターズ×LISTEN FLAVOR [原宿系ファッション]

【予約商品:7/10(土)発売予定】コズミックリトルツインスターズTシャツ/リトルツインスターズ×LISTEN FLAVOR [原宿系ファッション]

Liz Lisa Dress & Harness. Kawaii Harajuku Styles w/ Pastel Hair

Harajuku girl with pink and green twin tails wearing a pastel dress with a harness, plush backpack and colorful sneakers vs. Harajuku girl with lilac hair in