Real Estate Stripes Brochure. Download here: #design #brochure

Real Estate Stripes Brochure

I really like the different shapes they have used to put the photos in to create a bit of order but it is disorderly through the way they are randomly placed.

設計一款讓公司備受矚目的三折頁 宣傳冊可不僅僅只是陳述公司業務的最好載體。即使是一個簡單的三折頁,你也能大有可 …

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『宇宙の森フェス』 大樹町カムイコタン公園(北海道) - 全国のイベント情報

Minimal Colorful Brochure. Download here: #design #brochure

Minimal Colorful Brochure

Absolutely stunning dance poster. Love the use of photography mingled with line and the type placement.

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