I am the devourer of (chocolate) planets!

Solar System Chocolates - Japanese Chocolate Makers 'L'eclat' Create Out-of-This-World Treats (GALLERY)

Avocado breakfast pudding

Avocado Breakfast Pudding (a.k.a. Vitamina de Abacate)


Marshmallow Faces, made with edible markers.very cute & fun for the kiddos to make on a cold day to have with thier cocoa!

The tiniest teddies

These little chocolate bears are extra tiny! Eating 100 of these won't leave the guilt of a whole box of chocolates!

Tabasco chocolate

Not for little girls, this tasty blend of sugar and spice has been created with a few drops of Tabasco's fiery sauce thrown into the mix.

Chocolate bomb

Bomb Appetit: Braquier Chocolate Bomb

chocolate bomb once the bomb detonates seconds after lighting the wick) prepare to scarper at least one metre away, or be rained on by hundreds of choccie shards, mini gadgets and sugared almond shrapnel.

I think Mr Wonka would be impressed.

Roast Beef Gumballs and more Unique Gifts at Perpetual Kid. Our Roast Beef Bubble Gum tastes so delicious that each gumball deserves to be served on a platter a

Chilli gummies

The typical gummy bear is a sweet and utterly boring snack for the little ones, but these cool newGummy Red Hot Chili Peppers are for seasoned taste buds seeking out a fiery inferno of chewy goodness.