# 4.  Ponga estanterías en las esquinas no utilizadas de la casa!  | 29 Sneaky Consejos para la Pequeña Espacio Habitable

29 Sneaky DIY Small Space Storage and Organization Ideas (on a budget!)

Corner shelves, I love how you can use small corner space. I don't like a shelf facing only one side in the corner and a tall bookcase would eat up the space around.

Minimal Interior Design Inspiration #44

'Minimal Interior Design Inspiration' is a biweekly showcase of some of the most perfectly minimal interior design examples that we've found around the web -

リビングと一体となった2階テラス。鉄骨階段を登って屋上へとアプローチする。 | 逗子KD邸<屋上段々テラスのある家>

Print these pantry organization labels for free and add to your kitchen. Labels include recipe so everything can be stored in ja.

【空間のつなげ方】木漏れ陽とタープの下のデイベッドのあるウッドデッキの屋外リビング | 住宅デザイン


TDC: Three Beautiful Bedrooms with Workspaces

It's not uncommon to see workspaces in the bedrooms of Scandinavian homes, especially compact apartments. When there isn't enough room for a dedicated workspace, the master bedrooms are often large an

Keyさんの、部屋全体,無印良品,一人暮らし,1K,賃貸,ホワイト,LEDキャンドル,HAY,DIY床,ルミナラ,シンプルホワイト,シンプルインテリア,1K ひとり暮らし,ベッド下をなんとかしたい,のお部屋写真

壁紙屋本舗/ホワイトインテリア/無印良品/1K/1K ひとり暮らし/一人暮らし…などのインテリア実例 -2016-05-02 07:24:54

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