Eeffetto Ottico

effetto ottico // black with white lines forming an intriguing face - could translate into photography and start a series of this: high contrast shadows with all the shadow patterns i could think of. Geometric stripes organic line

Victor Vasarely - Eridan II (1956)

Victor Vasarely - Eridan II I really like the bold sharp edges in this optical illusion

Robinson Design  Format –  LP/12"/CD

Robinson Design Format – Client – PIAS Info – Collaboration with Trevor Jackson (Minutes Layout)

Inspirational, for ongoing graphic designing...

Razzmatazz wallpaper by William Justema- can you even imagine living in a room with this?

©1966 / Cover credit reads as follows: The cover shows Marina Apollonio's 'Piccola Opera' illusion

"The Survival of God in the Scientific Age", Alan Isaacs / Marina Apollonio

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Subtle layering, black dot vanishing point, sizing, and placement.