Julia Smith

Green Hills Pot by Julia Smith

Oscar Niemeyer

Blues white lines squares circles geometric Oscar Niemeyer pattern tiles

Kim Joon

'I find it harder and harder to live up to my blue china' Oscar Wilde, art by Korean artist Kim Joon

Toshiko Takaezu

Hawaiian-born Takaezu is undoubtedly one of the best modern ceramic artists

Christiane Wilhelm

The texture Christiane Wilhelm

Lucie Rie - Rare and early beaker vase, 1953

Artwork by Lucie Rie, Rare and early beaker vase, Made of Porcelain, manganese glaze. A sgraffito grid design to the interior, inlaid manganese grid design in a band around the foot.

Mid Century Modern 1950s Schramberg Mallorca Vase West German Pottery

Mid Century Modern Schramberg Mallorca Vase West German Pottery - Mom has two in the same pattern, but different shapes.

the art room plant: Laura Carlins Ceramics

black and white - plate - Laura Carlin - ceramic

Lucie Rie

Lucie Rie Don't like this. like the underside of a mushroom

Tomoko Sakumoto ceramics

Tomoko Sakumoto ceramics

willow pattern plate on a plate by Robert Dawson Aesthetic Sabotage

Robert Dawson Willow Pattern with Uncertainty , print on bone china, dia. 27 cm, 2003 Robert Dawson is currently showing this piece at Jer.

Hans Coper (1920-1981) - stoneware vase.

Best Ceramics Tips : – Picture : – Description Hans Coper – stoneware vase -Read More –

Lucie Rie

Lucie Rie- along with Ruth Duckworth major century potters- my inspiratrices.

Ceramics by Tony Yeh

Ceramics by Tony Yeh It screams-HOLD ME! The very slight reverse curve is wonderful.

Lucie Rie

Lucie Rie

Atelier Katsumi via HEIMELIG blog

Katsumi Machimura ceramics via ateler katu