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Vintage Nivea poster by allerleirau. Anything vintage works for me.

Top 40 des meilleures publicités minimalistes

I like the letters forming a simple shape. Maybe we could do this as an extremely lite background with the letters for "architect" spaced out and other info over it?


Funny pictures about Tortoise Battle Armour. Oh, and cool pics about Tortoise Battle Armour. Also, Tortoise Battle Armour photos.

Fitness ad

"High time for a fitness machine." Very creative message communicated by the sag in the poster. hahahah laughed so hard thinking about doing this for the biggest loser club

Nike makes the best ads.

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みかん・茶葉・富士山…静岡新聞企業広告のクリエイティブがすばらしい(今更だけど。) - R T @ p i n k p e c o

Mikabi Mikan Japanese print ad made out of oranges! ”Without relying on digital manipulation they meticulously peeled and dissected several Mikans, using everything from the skin, pulp and juice to recreate an entire front page newspaper.



Fiat: F

"A text message is an accident waiting to happen. Drive responsibly" - Fiat - Leo Burnett Tailor Made


Organic ad showing pure naturalness.

カルピスポスター 昭和初期

カルピスポスター 昭和初期

Kinki University, Japan : PR poster

Kinki University, Japan : PR poster


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Atari - Atari 5200 The Advanced Game System

ATARI The "killer" video game console of the early

Vintage 1993 Nike Print Ad

The 100 Year Evolution of Print Ads

nikon in space - Recherche Google

Nikon on the Space Shuttle. Yes, once we had space shuttles.

#Advertising. Trans Am 3 in 1. #gurafiku

Japanese Advertising. Trans Am 3 in 1. 1977

Trans Am 3 in 1977