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Newborn photography with sibling sweet baby boy big sister / Sugar Snap Studio

My first daughter was 11 when her sister was born. The age difference is a blessing, big sister is a great help and she's learning so much from her 2 year sister too.

Drawing different action poses. Such a big amount of poses to choose from. I like how the interesting angles make each pose look so dynamic.

« Nephtali » by Glen Keane

Glen Keane Creates ‘Nephtali' Short for the Paris Opera. The Paris Opera commissions a short film from Disney animation veteran Glen Keane for their new digital stage, Stage.

24 Real-Life Habits Of Actual Couples. This is actually very insightful (compared to all the other couple advice links) things that I would truly want to do.

I liked that his head is resting on her. Not a "ugh.I'm trying to play video games and you're in the way" like I'm used to :/ oh the next boy is going to have to be a beast in the romance department lol