amyipaguana:    Chenrezig Mandala (Esoteric Black Thangka)

amyipaguana: Chenrezig Mandala (Esoteric Black Thangka) In Christian culture, the Christos or Christ energy. Both symbolize the embodiment of Compassion # Thangka

Tibetan Mandala Thangka Painting

Dharma teaching on the Buddha-nature of the mind, in which Nirvana is inherent.

Thangka Avalokitesvara

Thangka of Avalokitesvara ~ the thousand armed form but with a vast number of heads too. (my neck struggles sometimes with the weight of just one head, so feel real compassion for him!

Mandala with four dragons. Get in depth info on Chinese Dragon personality and traits at For a more lighthearted look at the Chinese Dragon characteristics go to

Chaitya (Stupa) Mandala with Auspicious Symbols and Syllable Mantras, Thangka Tibetan Thangka Painting

The Art of Thangka

The Art of Thangka