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small figurines are standing on top of an egg shell that has been cracked
This Micro photograph was taken by Slinkachu, I think this photograph shows that we are making new things everyday and I like this photograph because I think it was very clever how he made it look like they were chipping off the shell of the egg because he made it look like it was builders doing their work.
some type of business card with flowers on it and the words, roseling script
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Beautiful Typography
a hand is pointing at a piece of paper with writing on it and a pencil next to it
【画像】一瞬何が起きているのか分からないようなスゴい3D鉛筆アート 【翻訳】 : 暇人\(^o^)/速報
an old style alphabet with many different letters and numbers on the upper half of it
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NATIVE on Typography would be great for hand embroidery
four different types of architectural renderings are shown in three separate layers, each with the same color scheme
3D Typography