Breaking the loaf while keeping the momentum. Simple colors but still presenting the material in a new way.

inspiração editorial - 26/08/14 - Boteco Design!

content: Seeing the story of person In 2013 IAG started Australia’s accredited Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – a commitment to recognise and solve inequality betwee… Read More Published: April 2014

Типографическая верстка: чудеса с текстом – 16 фотографий

Harper's Bazaar Singapura design We like this design because the way the text is aligned draws the eye to all of the features in the package. We could use the text as inspiration to frame our text around our pictures or headlines.

Beautiful Design Composition | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Feature pages: Again, lots of white space draws attention to image and text. Perhaps for the Train like a Pro piece.

13 Styles Magazine Design // by Tony Huynh via behance

by Tony Huynh- i Love the layout of this the use of lines and color keeping with the theme in mostly yellow and black. With the crisp imagery works well for fashion-

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Limited Color Palette / Duotones / Each slide diff color /// Barcelona Design Museum - Atlas

The 2014 Summer Must List issue - Keir Novesky

Entertainment Weekly Design Director: Tim Leong Deputy Design Director: Keir Novesky Photo Director: Lisa Berman Art Directors responsible for the look of.