Lotus flowers, Kyoto/蓮、京都

Lotus flowers at Mimurotoji temple in Kyoto, Japan. Dude Lotus flowers are real I know I just found out, as you can tell I don't get out much haha so I've been told, maybe that's why I'm in love with the world

これは現実世界か?と言葉を失うほどに…。2ヶ月限定「瑠璃光院」の紅葉が神秘の美しさ | by.S


これは現実世界か?と言葉を失うほどに…。2ヶ月限定「瑠璃光院」の紅葉が神秘の美しさ | by.S

Someone in Naantali, Finland lives in a Moomin house. ムーミンハウス

Moomin House, Naantali, Finland photo via iden I didn't think a blue house could be so gorgeous and inviting in the winter.

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"✨Don't let anyone dim your light. Especially when your light is worth shining ✨ The feeling you get while getting lost in the alleys of Venice is like walking through a perfect dream." We thought this went well with Glowessence.



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