This is a beautiful fashion photo.the braid, the girl, the way the color of her eyes are picked up by the cowl. This is also a great cowl too, that can be worn as a scarf, capelet or hood.

Long bob

New year, new hair

Olivia Palermo Straight Long Bob Hairstyle Makeup Tips And Fashion Design Pixel


her makeup is cute but oh my word her EYES are gorgeous! I might try blue eye color contacts someday to see what I'd look like with blue eyes. Plano color contacts are worn purely to change eye color and have no lens power for visual correction.

This!  This is the exact hair I want - except sometimes wavy, since my hair is naturally wavy.  I've had side-swept bangs for so long, I don't know how straight bangs would look on me.  Well, it looked cute on me when I was four, so~

Oh the lovely things: Obsession : Ombre Hair (with DIY) thinking about some nerdy glasses and bangs too :/

Kids Fashion Love, and I'm pretty sure this is the little girl from BDpt2! She is gorgeous!

Diana Pentovich -- Annabelle (Annie) Summer, Former apprentice of Falling Snow, Broken Howl, Series of the Wolves (deceased)

Loving this hairdoe!

Iconic '40s Fashion

Want to be classy and elegant but not boring and bland? Try going for an up do with subtle eye make up but a bold lip. You will be sure to turn heads! Got beauty or hair styling ideas? Discuss them on Nowlr.

Pink hair

Pink hair, don’t care. check out these super cool looking 14 light pastel pink hairstyles – More Color Inspiration

Nina Mew カラービジュ泪型ピアス Earrings on ShopStyle

Nina Mew カラービジュ泪型ピアス Earrings on ShopStyle