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a colorful quilt is laying on the floor
June Temperatures
a large piece of quilt sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a tv
Make-A-List Monday - Back to the Real World....
a colorful quilt is hanging on the wall
Friday Finds Creativity
a white quilt hanging from the side of a couch
FITF quilt
a colorful quilt hanging from the side of a building
Spotlight: Christina Cameli, Quilter and Teacher
a person holding up a quilt made with different colored squares and shapes on the wall
I May Have A Scrap Problem... And So It Begins!
a multicolored quilt hanging on the wall next to a wood panelled door
many different pieces of fabric are laid out on a cutting board and ready to be sewn together
a quilt hanging on a chain link fence in front of some grass and trees,
the cover of spin cycle quilt book
Spin Cycle Quilt Pattern from Saginaw St. Quilt Co.