Japanese-style confectionery

Wagasi [Nerikiri] / "Wagasi" are the confectionery made from the traditional manufacturing process of Japan. / "Wagashi" has many kinds by raw materials, a manufacturing process, a use. / "Wagashi" o (Peanut Butter Mochi)

Japanese sweets

Cute Rabbit Manjuu [Japanese Dessert] looks like they piped red dots eyes on,white chocolate. Paint brushed the ears with milk chocolate. Do on truffles or cake bites. Could do other animals or patterns. So cute .

I love the simplicity of the shapes in this image. I like that it's *not* a flatlay. I also like the simple palette.


David Abraham's watermelon still life. I love this sculpture. I could do a sculpture similar to this piece.

UCHU wagashi / wagashi = japanese sweets

[ uchu wagashi I Kyoto story : 落雁 Rakugan presented the landscape of Kyoto which one is Kamogawa ]


Look at the variety of wagashi! Wagashi: A traditional Japanese confection, made of mochi, bean paste and fruit, which evolved into an art form.

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