Japanese-style confectionery

Wagasi [Nerikiri] / "Wagasi" are the confectionery made from the traditional manufacturing process of Japan. / "Wagashi" has many kinds by raw materials, a manufacturing process, a use. / "Wagashi" o (Peanut Butter Mochi)


W I have NO IDEA what wagashi means (lol) but these are the coolest cupcake ideas

Japanese sweets

Cute Rabbit Manjuu [Japanese Dessert] looks like they piped red dots eyes on,white chocolate. Paint brushed the ears with milk chocolate. Do on truffles or cake bites. Could do other animals or patterns.

Cookies The Little Match Girl/ Andersen

Cookies The Little Match Girl/ Andersen

I love the simplicity of the shapes in this image. I like that it's *not* a flatlay. I also like the simple palette.


David Abraham's watermelon still life. I love this sculpture. I could do a sculpture similar to this piece.

UCHU wagashi / wagashi = japanese sweets

[ uchu wagashi I Kyoto story : 落雁 Rakugan presented the landscape of Kyoto which one is Kamogawa ]


Look at the variety of wagashi! Wagashi: A traditional Japanese confection, made of mochi, bean paste and fruit, which evolved into an art form.