Mountains of Omi

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an empty street lined with wooden buildings and trees
Mt. Hachiman
Mt. Hachiman is the site of a Warring States castle. It dominates the skyline of Omihachiman. A cable car will whisk you to the top in minutes, or you can hike up
a mountain covered in snow on top of a blue sky day with no one around it
Snowy Mt. Ibuki
During the cold months, Mt. Ibuki in Maibara lies deep in snow.
an aerial view of the countryside and water from atop a hill with trees in foreground
Mt. Hachiman
Mt. Hachiman in Omihachiman is the site of an old castle, and you can still see the walls. It looks down on a maze of lakes, and you can see the sites of other old castles across the plain.
a path leading to the top of a hill with trees on both sides and a building in the background
Mt. Chomeiji
The view from Chomei-ji Temple on Mt. Chomeiji looks over the roofs of the temple to Lake Biwa and beyond.
an old man sitting on the back of a boat pointing at something in his hand
Mt. Azuchi and Mt. Kinugasa
A boatman on Lake Nishi points to Mt. Azuchi in the foreground and Mt. Kinugasa behind it. Both were sites of important Warring States castles.
a large rock sitting on top of a dry grass covered field with mountains in the background
Mt. Ibuki from Mt. Ryozen
There are many great hikes in Omi, and Mt. Ibuki and Mt. Ryozen are two of them. This shot looks towards Ikubisan from the lower Ryozenzan.
a tripod sitting on top of a rocky hillside
Eagle watching on Ibukisan
Golden eagles breed near the peak of Mt. Ibuki, and bird watchers and photographers flock from all around to get a glimpse.
two monkeys standing next to each other on top of a pile of wood in the woods
Sawayama monkeys
A tribe of monkeys lives on Mt. Sawa in Hikone, and they're aren't too shy of people.
a large metal structure sitting next to a lush green hillside
Mt. Sawa in Hikone
Sawayama on the outskirts of Hikone was the site of Ishida Mitsunari's once-mighty castle.
the mountains are in the distance behind houses with trees and bushes on the foreground
Mt. Ibuki
Ibuki-san is the highest mountain in Shiga at 1,377 m and it's been considered sacred since ancient times.