red and pink- benimo by Akino Fuku

Fuku Akino 秋野不矩 (Japanese, b. Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan) - Red Clothes, 1938 Painting / Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

Tamae Mizukami : Untitled

Tamae Mizukami : Untitled pen and ink whimsical illustration conversation among the trees print


Available for sale from Crown Point Press, Karin Mamma Andersson and Jockum Nordstrom, Faces Color spit bite and sugar lift aquatints with aquatint and soft ground etching, 140 × 105 in

Noguchi Tetsuya 野口哲哉 “Komu-gi Kinoe Takehito 着甲武人猫散歩逍遥図 warrior cat walk” - Noguchi Tetsuya’s warrior classification Encyclopedia 野口哲哉展 - 野口哲哉の武者分類図鑑 - Kyoto exhibition - Japan - 2014

This isn't traditional Ukiyo-e (by contemporary artist Noguchi Tetsuya) but this samurai in cat armor and cat ears helmet is amazing!