ad That's just how I roll, ya'know jazz hands dancing in a polka dot dress acting like OH you found me when I ever so discreetly hiding in a background that matches my dress.

The Forest of Oma, Basque Country, Spain: The forest of Oma, one of Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola’s works

David Hockney painting the swimming pool at the Hotel Roosevelt in Image originally found here.

The Bird’s Odyssey — The Gourmand – Photographer Gustav Almestål

thejogging: abstract shampoo composition consisting of PALE colors on black paper, 2013

Picture of a person practicing calligraphy

It& a bargain apartment—as long as you’re not picky about fresh air.

Elle Germany - May 2011 Pop-Art, the colour popping, colour block, colour over-load.