Kind of love the idea of the spiral staircase in the corner leading down to a garage. How cool would it be to have a spiral staircase in a garage?

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Mid century dining room | wall art | affordable art online | wood floors | white walls

Loloi Rugs: The Beautiful Art of Rug Making

Create the look of this gender neutral dining room for less. A simple dining room design with lots of warmth and character.


Daylighting—the use of windows or skylights for natural lighting and temperature regulation—is one building strategy that can save money for homeowners and businesses. see the advantages of LIGHT SHELVES.

A diagram shows a living room that has used light shelves to create a glare-free area for the wall with the television, but still allows nat...

Diagrams shows a room that using light shelves to create a bright area, as well as allows natural sun light to fall on the other side of the room. The diagrams also show light shelves being used to direct passive light inside the room.

Scorpions Mykonos |

Scorpios Mykonos

Interior Design, Styling & Experience Conceptby Annabell Kutucu & Michael SchickingerIn collaboration with K-Studio Architects / AthensPhotography by Steve Herud


Collection of Rooms — 75 - ShockBlast Rooms -- a wonderful monthly selection of stunning interior design for your inspiration.

An awe-inspiring factory conversion

An awe-inspiring factory conversion (my scandinavian home)

An awe-inspiring factory conversion The Best of home interior in - Interior Decor Luxury Style Ideas - Home Decor Ideas

【トラックファニチャー】人をとりこにするあのFKソファが生まれたわけ♫&コーデまとめ | folk

【トラックファニチャー】人をとりこにするあのFKソファが生まれたわけ♫&コーデまとめ | folk

女性で、、家族住まいのNO GREEN NO LIFE/インダストリアル/いなざうるす屋さん/ソファ…などについてのインテリア実例を紹介。「saleで半額になっていたラグ。 いつも慎重派で衝動買いあまりしないわたし。 でもアッシュな色合いに一目惚れおまけに半額ときたもんだ!思わず衝動ポチしてしまいました。 たいへん気に入ってます♥ そしてソファーカバーもコーデュロイのグレーにかえました。 (これまたsaleの無印ベッドカバー) この時期はsaleで財布の紐が緩みますね(^^; sale楽しい♥」(この写真は 2015-01-11 12:03:59 に共有されました)

NO GREEN NO LIFE/インダストリアル/いなざうるす屋さん/ソファ…などのインテリア実例 -2015-01-11 12:03:59

Creating design for a living room you can implement any crazy idea

Verrière: idée pour le Chai - Photo

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