The beautiful 「宇宙」/ 「うちゅう」/ "uchuu", meaning "cosmos", "space", "universe". Gorgeous!

宇宙,space, universe, cosmos Japanese calligraphy "cosmos" by WABISABI the design team was formed by Kazushi "Sabi" Nakanishi Kudo "Wabi" ryohei in Japan

type-lover:  Springdale  by Tavish Calico ロゴマークと文字のバランス→シンプルで良い、かつ全体の雰囲気もポートランドぽいかな?

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msk: (via ブックカバーに盛られた新鮮なネタ、あなたはいくつ読めますか?/海鮮本 | ブレーン 2015年8月号)

msk: (via ブックカバーに盛られた新鮮なネタ、あなたはいくつ読めますか?/海鮮本 | ブレーン 2015年8月号)


Complete Jazz Compilation by Universal Music Japan.Celebratiing the Anniversary of the born of Jazz records, the compilation consists of – Jazz Piano / Jazz Vocal / Modern Jazz.Classic and famous Jazz labels are included in the compila…



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Joined type of typography it could work for some of my designs but it might not…

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