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Guide/companion from a video game, eager to help, mostly intelligent, energetic and good at fighting. AI in game Avatar thing guy get's glitched into because of his mate

いわざる透明 もっと見る

Character uses hands to move the mouth their clothing while speaking, while this seems like a strange quirk, it hides the fact that the character is actually mute, and operates a hidden mechanism to speak.

Art by Yuki Kawatsu* • Blog/Website | ( ★…

今日もお疲れ様でした☆ とぅおっ_φ(・3


manniskorarkonstiga: “ Adrien Lesueur photographed by Cyrill Matter and styled by Robert Rabensteiner for Man of the World ” Christopher

letme :…@-Nou-采集到a(651图)_花瓣

letme :…@-Nou-采集到a(651图)_花瓣

Yongsik Jung - oversexualised, mixed feelings over which aspect is actually demonic, the maggot-white skin or the earthy bull-demon