Jun Uosaki

Jun Uosaki

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Jun Uosaki
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Doing the hokey pokey, extreme gesticulations, random PDA, public display of abysmal dance moves: symptoms making one a prime target for loony bin stint, for a long time.


This is all over the place as a "baby crow" but it's not. It's a baby chicken most likely. Crows and Ravens don't get their black beaks until maturity. Baby crows aren't fluffy cute adorableness.

猫と風景の画像 07|ねこLatte+

* * SLEEPY THOUGHT: " Me actually hadz trouble sleepin' lasts nite. Me wuz countin' black mice, but couldn't seez em cuz it wuz dark.

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Have you ever seen flying cat? Look at this funny super cat of the day which will make smile on your face.

“yungsang: Bunny / BUNNY! on imgfave ”

Begging is a bunnies special way of getting food.like a dog bunnies beg to get there on food. And our weakness is cuteness so there is no way out of giving bunnies there food when they beg!