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I want one.

Zodiac Charm - Homestuck - troll blood necklaces by FrozenNote. on deviantART Does anyone else find these kinda disgusting? Here's your favorite character's blood to wear around your neck!

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I have only the moirail and kismesis quadrants full.But me and my kismesis are kind of a hatelove relationship.

I always shipped it.

ok yah . wwhy the glubbin fuck does evvery one ignore these . is beautiful as shit fucks . still ganna fuckin exist no matter wwhat

i love you eridan!

i really hate eridan, but i can't help but feel sorry for the guy, i know exactly what it feels like to feel this way (its also ironic because im a Aquarius)

Eridan I swear to god I was already depressed enough without fandoms and I come here to make myself happy and then you show up like this what the hell

tiny monkey discovers his artistic abilities

wow thanks for making me cry <-- I am in public trying not to cry :'( plz halp

Sadstuck (honestuck) headcanon this one hurts more than some others whoa

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Read Karkat X Reader Sadstuck Request! from the story Homestuck X Reader by Smol_Da_Vinci (lelouchbagEccedentesiast) with reads.