Japanese Tenugui cotton towel fabric. Winter pattern / Kawaii snowman design. High quality tenugui fabrics made of soft 100% cotton cloth and hand dyed by Japanese master dyers. [ H o w T o U s e ] * towel * washcloth * dishcloth * headband / bandanna * scarf * wall hanging (like a painting or textile) * wrapping * place mat * table runner / center piece * book jacket, and... MORE! Enjoy your own unique way! [ M a t e r i a l ] Cotton 100% [ D i m e n s i o n s ] 36 × 90cm &...

Tsurumaru kuninaga crane

Tsurumaru kuninaga crane

Japanese washcloth, Tenugui 手ぬぐい「2015三社祭限定手ぬぐい」2015 Asakusa sanja matsuri(festival)

seamless japanese traditional mesh pattern

Japanese Motives Stock Vector Illustration And Royalty Free Japanese Motives Clipart