Mykonos, Greece

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos island, Greece -- I won't get enough of this beautiful place!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany, what can I say about Berlin, my favorite of all the places I have traveled to. Berlin is back to being Berlin.Further sights worth seeing in Potsdam.

Great Wall of China

Great wall, China It's been always one of my travel destination place to feel the giant wall in Asia. I wish I can make it someday.

奇石・岩窟が特徴的なニュージーランドのビーチが「カセドラル・コープ(Cathedral Cove)」。 このビーチでは、美しい海、真っ白な砂浜と共に、自然が創りだした造形美を楽しむことができる。映画「ナルニア国物語」の舞台となったことでも有名。


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Lars Van De Goor is an experienced photographer from Netherlands that prefers to shot trees and ancient forest in an unusual way. Lars was recently nominated for an Hasselblad Master Awards at the Landscapes/Nature Category.