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watercolor-text-effect-850 自由な絵の具の色で文字テキストを描く方法

What You'll Be CreatingThis tutorial will show you how to use a bunch of filters, brushes, and adjustment layers to create a simple, colorful, watercolor inspired text effect.

3D Text Effects

3D Text Effects


unknown artist/ watercolor or ink/ art Paintings by Serbian-born artist Endre Penovac /

CCOOLL Poster Show | Issue Press

Part of POSTER SHOW, a collection of 17 Risograph prints created for an exhibition at Kornél in Antwerp, Belgium in the summer of Co-released with our pals at CCOOLL.

(1) m29(@decline5)さん | Twitter

We Love Cats : Photo

getyourasi-on: “ Supero ”

Supero - Typo/graphic Posters, curated by Christophe on Buamai.


Aslan, the lion in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia) represents Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah. "Of course He's not safe.

Jimmy Choo "The blues ain't nothin' but a good dog feelin' bad."

On Keyboards Jimmy Choo - Jimmy Choo & Rafael Mantesso

Jimmy the Bull

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I smell you...

infinite-paradox: “ browndresswithwhitedots: Fox Nose by Skia ”