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Gintoki | Gintama

Gintoki | Gintama

Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita OVA

Kamisama Hajmemashita: Kako-hen (OVA) – - Lost in Anime

kamisama hajimemashita mizuki - Google Search

kamisama hajimemashita mizuki - Google Search


We make this top 20 Romance Anime series, since the most trending thing is only top 10 anime lists, so this is a well-arranged romance anime shows you got to watch if you are into this Anime Genre.

Tomoe ♡____♡

Well thanks for breaking my heart and crushing my soul.

funny parts kamisama kiss 2nd season - Google Search

Screengrab from EP 14 of "Kamisama Kiss" aka EP 2 of "Kamisama Kiss

Tomoe and Nanami after getting out of the Netherworld

♡Kamisama hajimemashita♡ uuuuuuugh I wish I had a tomoe to hug me like that.