Volcano Roll Sushi

volcano roll sushi: crab, avocado, cucumber roll topped with spicy tuna, masago, sriracha mayo and wasabi mayo. I want to eat sushi all day.

Is it possible for us to love fresh sushi as a wedding appetizer more? When they're heart-shaped rolls, yes! @Mandy Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Dewey Seasons Bridal @Mandy Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Dewey Seasons Bridal

Valentine's day idea - Beautiful, romantic, and tasty! Heart-shaped Sushi (Spicy tuna with crunch roll wrapped in fresh tuna)

California Roll with real cooked crab meat in a can, avocado, cucumber.. You have to use Japanese Mayo or it wont taste right.

California Roll

California roll is an easy sushi roll to make at home. Learn how to make this popular sushi roll that is filled with fresh avocado, crab meat and Japanese mayo.

flower sushi rolls

flower sushi rolls ---- Matsuri-zushi (decorated sushi roll) is a traditional sushi roll of Chiba region in Japan. -- It is made mainly for festivals. -- The the Doll Festival is a perfect occasion to make matsuri-zushi.

993714_593642650682427_900892568_n.jpg (720×645)   Japon Art MAKIZUSHI 巻き寿司 (Rollito de sushi) Una penita de comerlo... ************************ Aprende Japonés, descubre su gastronomía, arte y actualidad con JaponArt. www.japonart.es  Learn Japanese, discover its cuisine, art and current with JaponArt. www.japonart.es

Maki-zushi it is sushi roll, seaweeds is used to roll vinegared rice



Not a big fan of sushi, but this is cute!

I just wanted to share a few cute pictures of panda rice balls! They look so cute, who would want to eat them? Also, I added an extra bonus video teaching you how to make these cute panda rice balls!