Gorg fall street fashion style in brown and black. Can I have the legs too : )

Fall street fashion style in brown and black. Love this whole outfit. Just need to find a floppy hat


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Short refreshing breeze bud Herculean strength saturation - sounds like a Sailor Moon attack!


I'm dying over how gorgeous this nail art is! An almost stained-glass Indian sari, gold blinged look! Now if only there was a tutorial for it, but use this as your inspiration and rock it your own way!


4 realz, you just had to cut all of your hair into a bob that you can't see out of. She leaves two pieces of regular-length hair out.

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hair: saco creative team led by richard ashforth photography: david oldham & richard ashforth make-up: maxine leonard clothing: hasan hejazi

サロンで仕上げるオンモードなヘアアレンジ。ロング編(Vol.2) - ヘアアレンジ:シュワルツコフ オンライン


サロンで仕上げるオンモードなヘアアレンジ。ロング編(Vol.2) - ヘアアレンジ:シュワルツコフ オンライン