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デザイン印鑑・はんこ — TYCO Typography and Hanco (Japanese Kanji) Design Ios, Word Design, Icon Design, Branding Design, Flat Design, Chinese Typography, Typography Logo, Graphic Design Typography, Design Thinking

TYCO | Typography and Hanco


These aren’t idle graph paper doodles but your next official signature stamp – -Japan News- Chinese Logo, Chinese Typography, Typography Logo, Lettering, Logos, Typography Design, Branding Design, Chinese Wall, Font Logo

印鑑字體越看不懂越美!漢字幾何化美學再升級 | FLiPER - 生活藝文誌

印鑑的欣賞美學不僅在於印鑑本身的造型及材質的所呈現出來的質感,更迷人的部份在於印鑑字體的多樣變化,行、篆、隸、 ......

書法篆刻藝術--平安 Japanese Stamp, Japanese Art, Typo Logo, Typography, Chinese Chop, Text Symbols, White Seal, Fluxus, Chinese Calligraphy



A Seal by Chen Hon Mian (1954- ). 陳宏勉 (1954- ) 篆刻 印文:不以物喜不以己悲。 Chinese Calligraphy, Caligraphy, China Art, Japan, Chinese Painting, Korea, Oriental, Digital Art, Typography


近日重讀范仲淹岳陽樓記,身心似乎重新被洗滌一番,林語堂在他的蘇東坡傳中稱他為偉人,但好像對北宋王朝的過程也起不了多大的用處。古往今來似乎都一樣,一羣最聰明的臣子,玩不過一個不知所措的君王,反而個個被玩得身心俱疲,天下蒼生民不聊生,聰明何用,滿腹經綸何用,最後一個個修禪學道拜佛,身處世間,心境逃避,找尋虛幻的烏托邦,哈哈! @ @ chm7897

An important Imperial white jade 'ziqiang buxi' seal, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period How To Write Calligraphy, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Branding, Chinese Emperor, Asian Art Museum, Chinese Brush, Korea, China Art, Japan


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Wen Pang(1498--1573)明 文彭刻〔鴛鴦〕,印面長寬為0.87X0.87cm Chinese Characters, China Art, Chinese Calligraphy, Illustrations And Posters, Painted Signs, Dinnerware, Korea, Digital Art, Japan


Wen Pang(1498--1573)明 文彭刻〔鴛鴦〕,印面長寬為0.87X0.87cm

Deng Shirú, (1743-1805) 清 鄧石如刻〔淫讀古文甘聞異言〕,印面長寬為3.1X3.1cm。 Japanese Stamp, Turning Japanese, Chinese Calligraphy, Wax Seals, Ink Painting, Brush Pen, Korea, Painted Signs, Chinese Art


Deng Shirú, (1743-1805) 清 鄧石如刻〔淫讀古文甘聞異言〕,印面長寬為3.1X3.1cm。

ZHAO ZHI-ZHAN(1781-1852)清 趙之琛刻〔身其康彊子孫其逢吉〕,印面長寬為4.18X4.18cm Chinese Calligraphy, Painted Signs, Script, Buddha, Seal, Red And White, Korea, Digital Art, Surface

ZHAO ZHI-ZHAN(1781-1852)清 趙之琛刻〔身其康彊子孫其逢吉〕,印面長寬為4.18X4.18cm

【转】明清篆刻及其流派——赵之谦、吴昌硕书法、篆刻作品展 Chinese Calligraphy, Caligraphy, Chinese Element, Fluxus, Chinese Characters, China, Chinese Antiques, Typography Logo, Ink Painting


【转】明清篆刻及其流派——赵之谦、吴昌硕书法、篆刻作品展_太和张峰书法_新浪博客_太和张峰书法_新浪博客,太和张峰书法, 吴昌硕:《静堪读碑》 感谢朋友们一如既往的关注!这些东西我以前都喜欢研究!身不由己,人在江湖!行将荒废...

2" Precious Chinese Antique Natural White Jade Square Small Seal Stamp Signet 6 • CAD 157.71 Japanese Stamp, Chinese Emperor, Korea, White Jade, Qing Dynasty, Chinese Antiques, Wax Seals, Name Cards, Chinese Style

Rare Collectable Scarce precious chinese antique natural agate snuff bottle • $52.61

RARE COLLECTABLE SCARCE precious chinese antique natural agate snuff bottle - $52.61. FOR SALE! Rare Collectable Scarce precious chinese antique natural agate snuff bottle Material:agate Size:50*28*15mm 333642038070